According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 36 percent of unemployed people — roughly 5.7 million — had been without a job for 28 weeks or more in September 2013

Whether you’re out of work for four days, or four years, any period of unexpected unemployment can be frustrating and depressing — especially when it seems there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Although economy seems to be showing some measly signs of recovery, anybody looking for a job these days will tell you:

“It’s not easy”

In spite of those positive indicators, companies aren’t hiring today at the rate they cut jobs over the past years. However, we believe things will turn around and jobs will come back. You should too.



Sometimes you send out a lot of resumes and land few interviews for specific job opportunities, but then nothing seems to be moving forward. It’s important to switch strategies and try something new and different in your job search. That may reinvigorate you and help you stay motivated and energized. Things like starting a blog or post at established blogs, engage in social networking, like Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn and the like, and communicate with fellow job seekers, or maybe start applying for jobs outside your immediate focus or background. Shake things up.

For the most part you are mostly aware that hiring managers and recruiters receive thousands of resumes. Some of them are good or maybe better than others, but very few really stand out. What you need is separate yourself  from the crowd, I mean HUGE competion, by writing an article or two about your opinions and stands in fields of your knowledge or experience, add a professional bio, tell a story about your volunteer work, comment on current events in your filed, and instead of sending just a resume, you’re now sending a press kit on you. Now, that stands out.

Regardless of your occupation, work history, education or expertise, at one time or another, you will need a resume in order to get a job or job interview. Even if you use avenues like social networking, call calling or even direct introduction, recruiters and employers will ask to see your resume.
A resume is mandatory part of your job-search plan. Think of your resume as your personal advertisement,
marketing piece and request for an interview.

Oh my! Is it time to write or (rewrite) my resume?  What feels like the world’s most tedious task–puffing yourself up and bragging about your accomplishments on paper–doesn’t have to be so painful. Just remember this: Your resume must stand out from the crowd. Employers, especially those who have posted openings on large web sites, receive hundreds even thousands of resumes for a single position. You must show how qualified you are by matching your qualifications for the desired job in a concise, clear, and attention-getting manner. Here is one sure fire way to get your resume to the top of the stack.

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